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Marc Clayton

Care & Freedom Minister

Marc and his wife, Jamie, were married in 2002. Marc…

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Francisco Davila

Hispanic Minister

Francisco and his wife, Millie, were married in 1974. He…

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Rochelle Epperson

Office Assistant

Rochelle works part-time for The Park serving as an Accounts…

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Randy Milam


Randy has a passion for serving others, and it shows…

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Karen Mouser

Administrative Assistant

Karen and her husband, Jon, have been married since 1982.…

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Kristi Mullican


Kristi and her husband, Ray, met and married in 1991.…

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Zeth Pankhurst

Deaf Program Coordinator

Zeth earned an Arts Associate of Ministry in 2010 from…

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Jeff Riddle

Audio/Visual Technician

Jeff, and his wife, Jennie, met at work at Oak…

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