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What does it mean to be “Sowing for Eternity?”

Sowing For Eternity (SFE) is a unified effort of The Park Church of Christ to answer the Great Commission set before us in Mark 16:15…. “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” In doing so, we join together to support mission efforts both domestically and internationally by praying for our missionaries in the field; encouraging them through communication via social media, as well as, joining their work on short-term mission projects and giving to the Sowing For Eternity Missions fund established through The Park to financially help the missionaries we support in the field and also the short-term mission projects our members go on to support these efforts.

What is SFE?
• The Park’s unified effort to Pray, Encourage, Give (and Go) to the mission work being done across the globe

Why is SFE important?
• Christians are called to share the Good News
• Unifies us in our hearts and minds; keeps us focused on our calling
• Combines our efforts to be a support to the Missionaries in the field
• Allows us all an opportunity to participate in God’s work through prayer, encouragement, and giving – even if we cannot physically go

How will you participate in SFE?
• Become educated about the Missionaries whom The Park supports; learn about their families, their work, those whom they serve
• Pray consistently and specifically for our Missionaries and their work
• Become involved in your class’ Missionary Adoption Program “MAP”
• Give to Sowing For Eternity Give Online
• Prayerfully consider participating in short-term or full-time mission work to areas God is placing on your heart

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