Brasilia, Brazil


• Native Brazilians, moved to Brasilia to work with the church in 2008
• Serving on a leadership team of Brazilian missionaries
For almost 10 years Park Plaza has been a part of supporting the Calegari’s work in missions. They have hosted Let’s Start Talking teams every year since being in the mission field.

Missions leader: Chris Worsham

Niteroi, Brazil


• Began work in Niteroi, Brazil in 2013
• Work focus is with youth and young adults
• Hosts and coordinates Let’s Start Talking (LST) teams
Park Plaza is the lead sponsor for the Tomasi family. Short-term LST teams have worked with the Niteroi church since 2010. Kelci grew up at Park Plaza and is the daughter of Trent and Fran Thomas. Watch the Sowing For Eternity Missions – Bio of the Tomasi’s here. Sowing For Eternity Missions – Tomasi’s Bio

Missions leader: Chris Worsham

Santiago, Chile


• Zane and Tamara (Tae) each grew up in the mission field
• Instrumental in helping mature local leadership in the church at Santiago
• Working to plant a church in a nearby community
The Perkins have been part of the Park Plaza missions since 2012. As they have grown to be self-supported, Park Plaza primarily supports them through prayer and leadership.

Missions leader: Chris Worsham

Carahuasi, Peru


• Ari began her work in Peru as a medical missionary in 2014
• Became a doctor with the intent to be a medical missionary
• Works at a Christian hospital that serves the poor
• Volunteers at two churches in the community
• Married in 2016
Ari was a member at Park Plaza during her years of medical school. She is self-supported and relies on Park Plaza for shepherding and prayers.

Missions leader: Chris Worsham