Lagosette, Haiti

• Lagosette School is a Christian school with classes from preschool through sixth grade
• Over 340 children attend here each school day
• Provides a hot meal each school day (for many children, their only meal)
The school on the Manna property in Lagosette, Haiti allows children from several villages to attend school there. Park Plaza pays the salary for teachers at this school.

Missions leader: Lynn Mansur

Rio San Juan & Bobita, Dominican Republic

• Serves local children in Rio San Juan by providing physical needs
• Offers after-school activities, tutoring help, Bible classes, & family support
Park Plaza became a sponsor of the Outreach Center when it began in 2006 by Park Plaza missionaries, TJ and Holly McCloud. TJ grew up at Park Plaza and is the son of Park Plaza elder, Tom McCloud, and his wife, Rae Lynn. Successors to TJ and Holly were Park members Kyle and Vicki Graham. Both teams hosted several short-term teams from Park Plaza over the years.
Missions leader: Lynn Mansur