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Tshidimbini, South Africa

• Long-time missionaries, teaching the gospel
• O’Brien Malindi is a tribal chief
• Associated with Gospel Chariot Missions
• Their family includes five adult children
The Park sends a short-term mission team each year to help teach.
Missions leader: Don Noles and Dale Bresee

Pretoria, South Africa

• Became part of Park Plaza missions family in 2016
• Works with Gospel Chariot Missions
• They have two daughters
A recent visit to the US brought the Monyamanes to Park Plaza for a special time of worship. A short-term mission team travels to Pretoria, South Africa each year.

Missions leader: Don Noles and Dale Bresee.

South Africa

Gospel Chariot Missions is an effort that takes the gospel to 19 African countries with gospel chariots, short-term schools, Bible correspondence courses, and campaigns. A “Gospel Chariot” is a large, commercial-style truck that is designed to open on the side and provide a setting for teaching or preaching. The Park sends financial support for this good work in Africa.

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