The Deaf Ministry is an outreach ministry of Park Plaza Church of Christ. Under the leadership of Carl Moore, Minister/Counselor for the Deaf, the Deaf Ministry continues to grow in their faith – and numbers! Our worship services are completely signed to benefit the deaf community.

“The deaf benefit more from a deaf preacher,” Carl explains, “because a deaf preacher uses the deaf language, American Sign Language, and knows the culture of the deaf. Deaf people feel comfort here because they’re paying attention to what the Word is teaching them.”

Our deaf are a joy to know and easy to communicate with even — if you don’t know any signs. And many of our church-wide events have interpreters.

The Deaf Ministry worships at the Park Plaza Church of Christ Ministry Center, 4930 S. Sheridan, Tulsa, OK.

Weekly Events

Bible Class: 9:45am | Worship: 11:00am

Carl Moore

Deaf Minister
918-894-5675 (Video Phone)
918-948-9189 (Voice/Video Phone)

Zeth Pankhurst

Deaf Program Coordinator
918-894-5675 (Video Phone)
918-948-9189 (Voice/Video Phone)