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Adopt -A- Student

Adopt -A- Student

Students and Young Adults – are interested in being adopted by a family at The Park Church of Christ?

  • During part of the year do you attend The Park and consider us your home church in Tulsa?
  • Would you enjoy a note or two in the mail during your school year?
  • Could you use some prayer along your journey?
    “ We would love for you to get involved in our “Adopt-a-Student” program!

Park Members – Interested in blessing a student who is part of our church family at The Park Church of Christ?

  • Encouraging them as they attend college or trade school here in Tulsa
    or across the country…
  • Helping to building a multi-generation relationship with The Park family back home.
  • Consider adopting a student (or two…maybe even three) at The Park today!
    “ Adopt-a-Student” not only blesses the student(s) but will also be a blessing for you!

CLICK on the button below to join this great experience!

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